Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shouji !

Well long time without posting new message here...
Afterall this blog was about japanese traditional items and now that guest house building is over it is time to think about decorating it !
So i will show some of the items i want to display inside to give an idea of atmosphere i wanna create in the ryokan :)

First in a japanese traditional house you have the " shouji ", these wooden sliding doors are usually made of sugi ( a japanese cypress ) and used in various purposes : like making a window, separating a room, making closets or just for esthetic display... with japanese washi paper they let ligth pass threw with delicate shades...

Most of " shouji " sliding doors patterns are geometric like these :
For the bedroom " Snow perfume " :
Or they can show nature design like this 4 panels pine " shouji " ( may be in the tea room or bedroom bamboo forest i don't know yet ;) )


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