Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tansu !

About furnitures they are generally called " tansu ", each one has specific use like " mizuyadansu " for the kitchen ware, " kimonodansu " to store clothes, " kodansu " for little items... there are also " hibachi " to set the fireplace, haribako for sewing tools and so on...
For the moment i only bought furnitures to store clothes and useful stuff in the bedrooms...

Kimonodansu like this 3 set one from meiji/taisho period ( around 1900 ) made of " kiri " ( pawlonia wood ) which is light weight and scent protects clothes from bugs, each part will go on top of each other this way :

It has typical drawers for kimono storing :

Thing i like about these old furnitures are iron parts and handles designs :

Also sometimes there are still items from old days attached to them like this antique little "hinamatsuri" ( girls day festival where dolls of prince and princess are displayed ) charm :

Flower design iron door knobs :


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