Thursday, August 31, 2006

Antique lacquer items !

Boy i must admit i like lacquer japanese items, they are quite expensive though and each time i can get one it is a real pleasure :o)

There are various lacquer techniques in Japan, depends on the region they come from... Personally my favourite ones are " Wajima Nuri " ( red, black or green lacquer with designs made of gold ), " Kamakura Bori " ( wood is cut and then painted ) and " Negoro " ( used red lacquer over black )

I wanted to show here these 2 kinds from meiji/taisho period ( around 1900 ), i like them because it looks like " art nouveau ", one with " koi " carp design has even seashell parts to make fish eyes ;)

My favourite design as always " tsuru " cranes :

A wonderful old " Juubako " lunch box with golden flowers and butterflies :

Little red lacquer " andon " with seashells marks on the foot, i changed 110V electric system for french 220V because i liked its old atmosphere :)


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