Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Funny Pictures from Greece !

Friend looks cool on his Scooter ? :)
Oh yes it was Paradise with beautiful, clear and light blue water ! Mykonos Island

Beautiful sea isn't it ?

Famous " Minotaure " half human half bull of greek mythology !

For Ichiro San !

Last saturday we went with friends to a river passing next to my town, it's called " La Loire ", known for the wine called " Sancerre " at this place and more known for all the french castles in the north of my town...

Me in a Canoe.. Ok it's my first time ;)

Hey Ichiro San what about fishing such a big one ? :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

By the seashore !

As You can see on this picture, people coming from boats have
to climb many stairs to reach Fira, main town of Santorini island

Captain of this big boat must know the sea very well to come so close !

Little fishermen boats in Santorini island
Beautiful boat sailing before sun goes down next to Oia, Santorini island

Flowers of mediterranean islands

Me in front of a house in Mykonos Island, most of them have
beautiful pink, orange or red " Bougainvillée " flowers...
Jean-Luc looks so small with this giant cactus behind him...
They grow quickly as weather is very hot and shiny...

Typical blue top church of Oia, Santorini island

Oil tree next to a very old white church in Mylonos island

Greek Cats so cute !

Black and white From Apollon native Island " Delos " near from Mykonos
I gave him a little piece of my chocolate cake to catch his attention :)

Ok these cats are bigger than the first one :)
This is the path of Lions in Delos Island

Sunsets from Greece !

Hi ! Nothing to do with Japan but I'm just back from Holidays and here are a few pictures taken in Greek Island Santorini :
This one is from Oia
Oia Windmill
From the boat

One more from the boat