Friday, February 17, 2006

New pictures of the house !

Here are some pictures of our building... still growing till june :)

Kumiko my new friend on holiday :)

Kumiko I hope you won't be upset to be on my blog but You are so lucky being in Saipan for a trip ( Saipan is a little tropic island from Micronesia ) (^-^) !

Kumiko and her mother on the beach :) What a beautiful seashore :)

Yummm coconuts :)

Never tried diving bust it must be so cool :)

And finally a beautiful sunset... hum makes me dream of holidays lol (^-^) !

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

St Valentin's day :)

Making a little trip to St Valentin's village ( 60 km from my town ) and famous in the world for the lovers celebration :) St Valentin's village is bound with Sakuto-Cho in Japan where St Valentin's celebration is very important, girls buying chocolates for their boyfriend...

Me and Jl

A heart forest - kokoro no mori ! (^-^)

Big stone showing the path to " lovers garden " - " Le Jardin des Amoureux "

Here you can hold a golden heart with a lover name... It's the golden tree of hearts...

Very lovely shining in blue sky...

Lot of japanese people come here to put a heart in this tree after wedding (^-^)

Ok it's me in this " kitch " frame .. no comment lol ! :)

Jl with big hearts, " kitch " too lol !

Lovers of drawer " Raymond Peynet " known in the world :)

Having dinner in St Valentin's japanese restaurant called " Au 14 février "...
Owner of this restaurant is Mr Kimura - his staff won best french cooking award last year in Tokyo !

Jl with his little box of " Richart " famous chocolate maker in Paris before lunch (^-^) !

Decoration of restaurant is simple but very elegant... hum japanese way :) I just love ! :)

Kimura san and Sâto san !

Kimura san among his staff in the kitchen...

Japanese staff making meals for lunch...

Sâto san and his wife who makes restaurant desserts below the golden tree :)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Promise of springtime ...

My " ume " ( japanese plum ) bonsai trees are blooming, first flowers of
winter giving a deep and soft perfume of springtime...

Roof is now settled !

All pictures were taken by JL friday morning 03/02/2006 :)

House is going higher and higher !