Monday, May 22, 2006

House building is almost finished !

Pictures taken the 18 th of may... We are now beginning the garden, weather was first very sunny and the day after we were under the rain !
Bamboo and lawn will like this wet time to grow faster ;)

We finally choose an italian kitchen ! First we thought that it would be a very fashion one with lacquer design and... we changed our mind for this one because it is made out of bamboo in a red warm color... Anyway my mother seems to feel good in it (^-^)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Pictures of the house i took in april !

Now we can see real view from the inside and outside of the house...
Friends and family were here to see how building was going on...
From now on we have to wait another month to begin inside decoration :)
My favourite sight from a window in the living room, view of Aravis peak...
Second window sight from the living room over Mont-Blanc
House from north side... Our weather-cock : couple of chamois and a little village (^-^)
East side of the house...View from the balconey
Our friends Anne-Marie and Frédéric" Mont-Blanc " mountain
House of our neighbour and Aravis mountains Sunset on Mont-Blanc
Jl and my mother in Geneva

My friend Masaru !

A few pictures of Masaru Matsuoka my friend working in japanese Antiques (^-^)

Ok Masaru with that saw you look dangerous ! ( more than with a pink towel on top (^-^) ! )

Ready for antiques cleaning ! (^-^)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wisteria blooming in my garden...

Just a few pictures, shame there is no perfume available on the net ;) Wisteria floribunda rosea I choose for the soft pale pink/purple of it's flowers...

Spring pictures of my town cathedral !

Built in 1195, this cathedral belongs to Unesco's world list since 1992...
Blooming in front of last pictures is from " L'arbre de Judée " or " Cercis siliquastrum " tree which is deep purple colored.