Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spring colors !

Finally springtime is here... bloomings, green new leaves everywhere..
Despite of a lack of water ( springtime is already hot in France 22°c in shade, i wish it will not be the same in summer !!! ) all flowers and trees are giving their best colors in my little garden :

Nashi ( japanese half pear / half apple tree ) which gives a fruit with the shape of apple and the taste of a pear ! light taste but very juicy ! funny :)

Dicentra flowers, known in France as the " Coeur de Marie " ( Virgin Mary's heart )

Same flower in white color...
Variety of Alstroemeria called " Lys des Incas "
Yellow botanic tulip
Some flowers have strange shape no ? :) Loropetalum chinense 'Fire Dance'

Maple tree, acer benishidori
Maple tree, acer shishigashira ( lion's mane ) very crispy leaves with gorgeous red and orange autumn colors !

Maple tree, acer deshojo ( deep red in springtime, green in summer and again deep red in autumn ! )

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

O Hanami, watching the cherry trees flowers ( 040406 )

Just next to my job there is an old palace called " Palais Jacques Coeur ", Jacques Coeur was a very rich man born in my town in 1400... So i took some pictures during the spring blooming because it was such nice scenery :)

Pond of the rose ( 020406 )

During Week end i've been walking with my friend Christine ( who is a fan of Japanese culture too :) ) along the " pond of the rose ", lovely name coming from the village next to it...
In fact there are no rose nowadays since this place is now famous for apple trees growing... It was too soon to see them in blooming...
Around the pond there are many willows which create a romantic atmosphere with their fresh green spring leaves over the water...
So after the walk we had delicious fresh apple juice with sweets at home... Sport is fine but food is better lol !!!

Visiting castle of Valencay ( 260306 )

Valencay castle is about 60 km from my town ( lot of castles and gardens here ! ) ... weather was quite sunny and warm ( around 24°c already ! ) in the afternoon :)