Saturday, May 28, 2005

3 ranma Posted by Hello
Hi !
Today I would like to write about "ranma", ranma is a carved wooden item which was used in traditional japanese houses... Usually it was hanged above fusuma doors ( decorated sliding doors ).
But nowadays ranma become more and more rare in japanese interiors, but it is still used by example in ryokan ( guest house ) and tea ceremony rooms... it's decorative and it helps air passing from one room to another...
First picture from the top shows recent japanese display of ranma, it's hanged up above shoji ( regular sliding doors ), sometimes in a black lacquer frame...
Second picture is a close up on a tsuru ( crane ) design wihch is one of my favorite one !
Third picture is a detail from one of my 2 ranma ( it's usually a pair with same design theme, here castles, bridges, mountains and pines ).

Monday, May 23, 2005

takeyama kamon Posted by Hello
Recently I've been thinking with my partner about the name We will give to our french/japanese ryokan ( guest house ), it is supposed to be " Takeyama " ( bamboo mountain ) which would be translated into french as " La montagne aux bambous "... But nothing is really decided yet, still I have made our " Kamon " which is like a family name/sign in Japan...
Let me know what You think about it ??

Satsuki flower

shiryunohomare Posted by Hello
So this is what " shiryu no homare " ( glory of the purple dragon ) looks like ! It's my favorite one with " yama no hikari " ( light of the mountain ).
Leafes are twisted and flower looks like a deep pink star form...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hi ! I'm new there !

Hello ! Konnichiwa !

I am a new blogger here and I hope I can share my passion which is japanese tradition..
I enjoy SADO ( "chanoyu" or tea ceremony ), KADO ( "ikebana" or flower arrangement ), old kimono and fabrics, bonsai growing ( my blog's name comes from a special "satsuki" ( azalea ) flower you will soon see here (^o^) ), origami, japanese food and table ware and so on...