Friday, December 30, 2005

Beginning of takeyama website !

Hi ! Since I have a little time before ryokan opening ( 6 months from now on ) I just started its website...
TAKEYAMA which name means " Bamboo mountain " came to us because of our love of mountain ( guest house is located just in front of the " Mont-Blanc " offering this way a beautiful sight over the eternal snow of this high mountain ) and nature ( I love bamboo for its natural grace and it reminds me also items used for japanese tea ceremony ).
So please be nice and excuse me for the fact that it is just a beginning :o)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

new pictures : house still growing and italia trip !

So here are new pictures of house... despite of frozing temperatures We guess that it is going fast... roof will be settled in january if snow doesn't fall too much by then ! hoping !!!
Another one with land above :
There was a lot of fog around but I try to stand in front of a window hole, and here is a picture of frozen pines of the Mont-Blanc just as We will see it from our future dinner room window

Me, Matteo and Elena in Biella, little trip to visit family in Italia...

So JL ? will we make a sushi bar ? :)